Dr. Josef RAABE Slovensko, Ltd.

The Dr. Josef Raabe Slovensko Ltd. ( “Raabe”) is a professional publishing house active in the field of education and training. The Raabe is part of the Stuttgart, Germany based Klett Group. The Klett Group is one of the leading education dedicated enterprises in Europe. We are a publishing house with 22 years of experience in education, training and consultancy. We develop quality resources for principals of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, all pedagogical and other staff, as well as for general practitioners and specialists. International operations allow us to gain extraterritorial knowledge and experience, which we can implement in Slovakia as examples of good practice. However, we also promote the good practice of Slovakia abroad, thus, creating a wide field of cooperation at various levels in order to improve and enhance education. By combining the progressive ideas of our customers as experts in practice, specialists at home and abroad and working with experienced partners, we create innovative solutions translated into reality and specific projects. Currently we employ 16 full-time staff members. All our employees have many years of experience in preparing teaching and learning materials. We also have a large pool of renowned external collaborators, experts in the field of education and training, who have been involved in the development of our products.


The Association of primary schools in Slovakia is non-political, independent, open and democratic organisation, based on spontaneous initiative and the need for founders to support the development of schools. The Association was established in 1994 to discuss challenges faced by Primary Schools in Slovakia. The experience of head teachers from practice and the “bottom-up concept” can contribute to the development of education, the improvement of the educational process and its provision. The members of the Association are Primary schools. Currently, they have 630 members across the Slovakia.
The association is lead by a president. Our committee has 11 members – one for each region of Slovakia and 4 for the Bratislava Region. They also partner with the other associations of schools – secondary schools, private schools, sport associations, the Ministry of Educational and others public organisations. They discuss topics such as: the education system, relevant legislation, the management process, the applied methodology and didactics of the educational process.


CHAT, s.r.o. was established in 2010 with the aim to provide professional business services for any kind of organisation and leader with a need for developing leadership skills and change. They serve corporations, SME businesses, but an important part of their daily activities are the programs for leaders of different types of schools and local government bodies. Their long-term partners are Raabe, Nadácia Milana Šimečku, Heart of Slovakia, Beelong.

Their target groups are:
– Corporations
– Non-profit sector
– Local government bodies and schools

They provide services in the following fields:
– Business coaching – individuals and teams
– Leadership development programs – workshops
– Change management


Association of primary schools headmasters is a Czech professional organization of primary school headmasters. It was established in 1998. Since the beginning of its establishment, it has strived for an organized structure that defends the interests of headmasters of primary schools. It is not standard in the Czech Republic for professional organizations of this type to be established. The school system is fragmented and there is a lack of a unified voice. The Association of Headmstares is a unique organization in this respect, which is the largest association of directors in the Czech Republic. Twice a year they organize a joint meeting of school headmasters at a conference. Their activity is also to provide information especially to primary school principals and all pedagogical staff. They share good practice, present school successes and support less successful schools. They are among the bearers of progressive ideas and we strive to modernize education. Our active directors share their experience as lecturers and mentors. They actively participate in the education of school headmasters during their functional studies.


Headmaster’s Academy, Ltd. is a recently established organisation with the aim to support school principals in any area that they need support with. The Academy prepares and organises tailor-made seminars for schools according to the needs of the principal and his/her team, they also prepare seminars for school founders and regional politicians Headmaster’s Academy, Ltd. provides support and assistance to aspiring headteachers, as well as advise founders on their school.
They have good experience in sharing the knowledge and experience with individual directors and can moderate reflective director groups. The Headmaster’s Academy supports and assists headteachers of all kinds of schools, in particular headteachers of kindergartens, elementary schools and elementary art schools. In particular, it supports pedagogical guidance aimed at improving pupils’ learning outcomes. Our key topics are: team cooperation of teaching staff, cooperation between school heads, cooperation of headmasters and founders, preparation and support of future headmasters. The Headmaster’s Academy organises a national professional forum dedicated to artistic education and a national professional forum dedicated to the curriculum of primary schools.


AdminSoft is a private company focused on supporting the digital transformation in education, especially digital transformation of school management and data-based decision making, thus emphasising the potential of digital technologies for modern educational management. The company has more than 15 years experience in development of software products for education management, both web-based and desktop applications: school management information systems, tools for supporting the daily activities of the school leaders (such as assessment and selfassessment tools, e-libraries, good practices databases, etc.), as well as large-scale management information systems for the needs of national decision makers. AdminSoft focuses also on capacity development of education leaders and institutions at all levels (schools and kindergartens, regional and national experts), fostering advanced digital skills that become essential for everyday management activities. AdminSoft is focused on providing various products and services for digitalisation in education.


The Union of Employers in the System of Public Education in Bulgaria (SRSNPB) was established in 1990 in the city of Plovdiv by a group of school principals and deputy principals with the main idea of professional support for the activities of heads in school institutions. Relatively quickly in all regional centres in the country regional structures were formed, and a little later municipal ones. Currently, the organisation has just over 2,400 members and deputy directors of various educational institutions – schools, kindergartens, centres for working with children, centres for personal development, dormitories. The main goal of the Union is professional support and awareness of principals and deputy principals regarding all legal aspects in the activity of the management of educational institutions. It also provides support and protection in labour law cases, as well as negotiating more favourable conditions for principals and deputy principals in the education system. Directors and deputy directors from all over the country are members of SRSNPB. Since 2000,
SRSNPB has been a national representative organisation participating in the Sectoral Council of the Ministry of Education. Since 2001 the organisation is an equal member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. SRSNPB actively partners with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs, other employers’ organisations, trade unions and social partners in the field of preschool and school education.